75 Super-Stingy Ways to be More Frugal


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Home is where the heart is but, it can also be an expensive place to be. 


Learn to cut down on your household expenses with these 75 super frugal living tips. It may feel trivial but over time, these tips will save you $100’s in the long run. Living more frugally will put money back in your wallet and savings back in the bank.

As another TOTAL BONUS - being frugal helps pull a family together. We’re “all a team” in this effort - and it’s win/win for everybody.

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75 Super-Stingy Tips To Reduce Household Expenses

  1. Stay home and enjoy what you have

  2. Develop a budget and stick to it

  3. Turn the heat down to save on gas bills

  4. Ride your bike, walk or use public transportation

  5. Hang your clothes to dry. Use a clothesline in the summer and a drying rack in the winter

  6. Become a one-car family

  7. Cut up the credit cards

  8. Pay in cash

  9. Stay at home (no-spend weekends)

  10. Run the dishwasher & washing machine only when full

  11. Shop different stores to get the lowest price

  12. Grow your own produce

  13. Maximize the use of your freezer

  14. Staycations

  15. Unplug appliances that aren’t being used

  16. Pack a bag lunch

  17. Turn off lights to save on electricity

  18. Eat leftovers

  19. Cut the cable

  20. Ditch your landline

  21. Opt for sweaters, slippers and blankets before turning up the heat

  22. Meal plan

  23. Switch to cloth napkins

  24. Ditch your single use paper and plastic items

  25. Downsize your home

  26. Sell stuff you don’t use

  27. Cook from scratch

  28. Use it, mend it, re-purpose it, or recycle it

  29. Trade your skills with others to save money

  30. Make your own cleaning solutions using vinegar, water and baking soda

  31. Check the sales flyers and coupons before you shop

  32. Cut up old t-shirts and use them for cleaning rags

  33. Buy in bulk

  34. Workout at home and use free online workout videos or DVD's

  35. Buy used clothing instead of new

  36. Purchased used furniture instead of new

  37. Do your own painting and redecorating

  38. Make a grocery list and stick to it

  39. Discover YouTube, if something breaks or you need to learn how to do something, YouTube it.

  40. Buy generic goods to save money

  41. Weatherstrip the windows and doors

  42. Keep emergency cash handy

  43. Be prepared for changing seasons

  44. Don’t wait till the last minute with anything, repairs, groceries, planning and etc

  45. Cut back on entertainment expenses

  46. Do your own housework, landscaping and maintenance work

  47. Purchase quality products that will last

  48. Learn to say no

  49. Learn to use household tools

  50. DIY your gifts - Bonus idea: Plan ahead for the holidays & design photo books on Shutterfly.

  51. Use reusable shopping bags and re-purpose your plastic bags

  52. Shop local

  53. Buy energy efficient appliances

  54. Install low flow toilets and shower heads

  55. If you don’t have a tool or appliance borrow it, or rent it instead of buying it

  56. Replace all your light bulbs with LED bulbs

  57. Start living with less

  58. Drink more water and less soda and juice

  59. Instead of bottled water, invest in an insulated water bottle

  60. Invest in a good slow cooker

  61. Use reusable soap dispensers

  62. Freeze your leftover vegetables to use in soups or casseroles

  63. Invest in a good coffee maker or teapot and make your own at home

  64. Use cash envelopes

  65. Have open communication with your spouse regarding money, goals and life

  66. Stop buying dryer sheets and invest in dryer balls. They work great and save a ton of money!!

  67. Stop buying expensive planners and make your own bullet journal

  68. Keep your tires filled to optimal PSI

  69. Refinance your home or car loan

  70. Use a programmable thermostat

  71. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater & install a water-heater blanket

  72. Reduce the number of meals eaten at restaurants

  73. Shop around for homeowner’s and auto insurance (and consider bundling them)

  74. Use timers and power strips to reduce energy usage

  75. Save money and conserve water with hose timers

Trying a few of these strategies could lead to huge savings down the road. Meanwhile, trying all of them could literally transform your financial future – one dollar at a time.

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