10 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger

10 Ways to Look 10 Years Younger

December 6, 2018



Now that I’m 56, I am starting to see a difference in my skin. Trust me, I realize that I’m very fortunate to have good skin, but gravity is starting to take its toll. So, I’ve compiled a list from publications and my training as a Dermatological rep for Ortho Derm, the manufacturer of Retin-A and Renova. And here they are:

Here are 13 tricks to remember your age only when you’re entering your DOB on your smartphone, not when you look in the mirror:

1.  Add a Little Faux Glow.


It's no secret, we all look better with a a sun-kissed glow. We look thinner too!   Rather than expose my skin to harmful UV rays and age it further, I geta little faux glow. 

Spray Tans are the ultimate “pick me up” when you’re spiffing up, but they can get pricey. Now that we’re here in Florida, I go on a package deal at Zoom tan where they use the VersaSpa Pro which gives light and natural-looking coverage. I bought a package of ten for $99 but if you purchase them individually prices can run as much as $20.00 per session.


Spray Tans are my go-to if we’re headed out for a special evening. Second best are the self-tanner wipes that I get Loreal.

High quality tanners do not streak, smell or make you look orange and the best ones contain anti-aging moisturizers like aloe, Matrixyl, Argan oil, Collagen, and Glycerine. 


2. Ditch the Powder Makeup.

Powder can make your skin look dull and give you a cakey finish that accentuates lines and wrinkles. Go for a liquid-based foundation with a dewy finish. The moisture and illuminating properties will minimize those pesky lines and make your skin look fresh and youthful. 

Consider switching to a lightweight tinted moisturizer with luminizing effects (I love Maybelline’s BB Cream formula, $6.89; amazon.com). 


 Adds age: Powder textures make mature skin look older by accentuating even the smallest wrinkles.

 Makes you look younger: Opt for creamy textures (blush, eye shadows, highlighters, etc.)


3. Brighten Up With Concealer.

Along with giving your skin a nice glow, highlighter can be used strategically to lift and contour the face, making it look more youthful. Try a little highlighter on the inner and outer corners of the eyes and along the brow bone to brighten up the eye area. You can also use highlighter to lift the cheeks, just apply some along the upper cheekbones to draw your cheeks upward. 


Try NARS' the Multiple stick in Orgasm ($42.85; amazon.com).


4. Whiten Your Teeth.

 Nothing makes a better first impression than a bright white smile. White teeth make you look younger, more polished and give you confidence when you walk into a room. 

To brighten in a hurry, try my favorite trick: Use two whitening strips, one after the other (i like Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Whitestrips.), instead of one in the morning and another at night. Peroxide makes teeth more porous, so the first strip will ensure that your teeth are better able to soak in the whitening power of the second.

5. Hit the Gym. 

Exercise boosts circulation, which aids the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells so they can function more efficiently.

A study showed that people who exercise vigorously for around 3 hours a week had DNA and cells that were 9 years younger than non exercisers. Three hours a week is a little more than 30 minutes a day.



6. Add a touch of Blush.

Adds age: Dark shades on your cheekbones. Prominent cheekbones make your face more elegant yet add years to it — just like pale skin without any rouge.


Makes you look younger: Light and glittery rouge. Try choosing fresh shades, like pink or peach, depending on your skin type. Apply them on your cheeks proper.



7. Add Volume to Your Hair.


Adds age: Hairstyles without volume and faded hair. Dark hair isn’t good for mature skin as it enhances all the imperfections.


Makes you look younger: Create volume with a mousse or foam, and finish the hairstyle with an oil mask: pour some on your palms, run your fingers through your hair from the middle to the ends, paying special attention to them.  Choose slightly-lighter color, but no more than two tones lighter than your natural color.



8. Fill in Your Brows

Brow hair can become sparse and patchy, making our faces look older and more mature (not in the good way). Hold onto your youthful, full brows by equipping yourself with a dynamite brow powder, or sign up for permanent make-up, like I did (more on that later). If your brow trails are too thin, it can make your eyes appear droopy and tired (which also means “looking old”).

9. Go with Gloss.

Dark, precisely applied lipstick doesn't do anyone any favors in the age department. (And don't even get me started on lip liner.) Instead, swipe on a soft pink gloss. Not only will this add a youthful, rosy hue, but the shiny texture makes lips look plumper, too. Try Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Pure Shine Intense Colour Long Wear Lip Gloss in Imaginaire.


10. Use Retinoid Creams.

Retinoid creams help your body produce more collagen to make you look younger by getting rid of wrinkles, acne & age spots.

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